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How can my co-signer’s information be included in the rental application?
When you fill out the application in RentRoster, you can add your co-applicant’s information as well. In case of forgetting to do so, you can go to Dashboard → Requested apps and edit your application to add your co-applicant’s information.
You can go to Dashboard → Requested Apps → Show and click on Print on the top right corner of your rental application to either save it as PDF or print it as a copy.
How can I fill out my rental application online?
First, you must request your agent to send you a rental application link or call (800)468-9598 and request a rental application link. Through that link, you are able to fill out your rental application.
How many tenants can apply for a property?
It depends on the number of bedrooms in the property you are applying for. Each bedroom is allotted for two people. For example, if a property has 2 bedrooms only 4 tenants can apply for it.
Who can I contact if I’m having trouble accessing my rental application or have additional questions?
You can email or call (800)468-9598 for any questions that occur. We are here to help you.
Do all tenants have to sign the rental application?
Only you and your co-applicant must sign the rental application.
Who else can see my rental application online?
After you fill out your application, it will be viewable for you and your agent only.
Why do I need to login to view my rental application?
Your application will be saved under your account only, and for security purposes, the access to your application is only through logging into your account.
How much does the application service cost?
Rental applications are free through RentRoster, but certain properties may charge an application fee.
Is there any portable or “reusable” application?
The application you have filled out can be used for multiple properties.
What happens after I submit any application?
It will be saved under your account, and you are able to edit and view your rental application at any time.
How do I edit my application?
You can go to Dashboard → Requested Apps → Edit
How is my information kept safe?
Nobody will have access to your private information and the documents that you uploaded, except you and your agent.
If roommates are applying, do they need to submit a separate application?
There is no need for other roommates to fill out a separate application; however, if they are also paying the rent with you, they must be mentioned in the application. Their ID and paychecks must be included with yours on the rental application.
What happens to my information after my application is accepted or denied?
If you are approved, you are needed to view the property again, and after that, you need to sign the lease and pay the deposit. If you are denied, you can apply the same application for another property.
Can I delete my application?
You can request your agent to change your application’s status to Reject, so your application will be removed from the leasing process.
How do I search for rentals?
You just need to go to Apartment and House and see the properties we have listed. You can also view the properties based on their zip code and area on the bottom of the home page.
How do I search for rentals within a certain area or specific price range?
You just want to go to Dashboard → Saved Searches and set the type of property that suits you the best.
How do I contact you if I’m interested in a listing?
You can call (800)468-9598 or email our contact information is provided below each page on the website.
Can I search for low-income housing on RentRoster?
You can search for your suitable properties that we have listed in RentRoster by going to Dashboard → Saved Searches.
How do I report a property that is no longer for rent?
You can call (800)468-2481 or email You can always contact us with the contact information at the bottom of the page.