List Your Rental
DIY Listings Perfect for professionals and hands on property owners
Lease assistance is our premium marketing campaign with a guarantee. We feature your vacancy in major rental portals. You take care of showings and tenant selection. For up to 60 days we provide inbound leads. You also get 25% off of our Tenant Screening Products. Using our Lease Assistance Service, 75% of our clients find a qualified tenant in Just 3 weekends.
  • We take care of all online marketing.
  • Your own toll free number extension on our switchboard.
  • We include your vacancy in our mailing list [Every Friday].
  • We include you in our Social Marketing Campaigns.
  • We include you in our offline marketing channel.
  • You show your unit.
  • Includes 25% Discount on tenant screening.
  • You screen and select your tenants.
No commission what so ever – Onetime fee of $245.00 – Discount for additional vacancies.
Fast & Reliable Service We specialize
in rental marketing
  • We list your unit.
  • We show your unit.
  • We find qualified tenants.
  • We screen each tenant carefully.
  • We help you with the paperwork.
  • Hassle-free and time saving.
We try match the landlord’s presences in tenant income, credit, and references with the pre-screened tenants. The tenant selection is always at the discretion of the landlord.
  • No Upfront cost.
  • No Listing Fee, no hidden charges. We get paid only when we produce results.
  • No need to charge application fee. A complete tenant screening is included at no cost to you or the tenant.
  • We take care of all the showings.
  • We take care of lease and contracts.
  • We carefully screen all tenants.
  • You Select the tenant (Final decision on tenant selection is yours).
  • Once we rent your property, the commission is one month rent.
Vacant for 30 days or more? After 30 days of vacancy a landlord is considered a motivated landlord and the chance of renting to unqualified tenant increases by 300%.
If your property is reasonably priced and is in a livable condition, we can produce a highly qualified tenant for your property within 30 days.